Cognac XO Louis Pearl

Cognac XO Louis Pearl is very harmonious on the palate and has a great finesse. Very appreciated by connoisseurs for its complex aromatic palette.

In mouth, powerful taste of caramel, dry fruits and biscuit.

Long in mouth with a persistance on liquorice flavour.

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XO Louis Pearl

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Ocean Island Cognac

Terroirs & Grape Varities

- Clay-Chalk & sandy soils
- 100% on Oléron Island
- Grape: Colombard & Ugni blanc

Wine making process & Distillation

Selected Ugni blanc and Colombard grapes are first vinified. This wine will be distilled on traditional charentaise method : double distillation. Once distilled, the eau-de-vie will start its ageing in oak cask for many years.

The Cognac will be "created" by blending several old eau-de-vie, which were carefully selected by the cellar master. The youngest Cognac of the blending is a 10-year-old eau-de-vie.

Tatsing notes

Colour: Amber colour, light mahogany. 

Nose: flowers, honey, spices, cigar boxes and vanilla.

Mouth: powerfull, caramel, dry fruits and biscuit. Very long in mouth with persistance on the liquorice.

To taste as an aperitive or at the end of the meal.

Delicious with a nuts dessert.